terça-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2013

Dos rascunhos IV, e de quando se parte só para se regressar cheio.

"Que o Homem consiga partir
só para a aventura da sua vida e que, ao
encontrar o Outro, faça
pactos de solidariedade, ao invés de uma união de

António Coimbra
de Matos

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The match that convention of CBA of 2010-2011 sports season surpasses Zhejiang and Beijing team the 14th round will take the lead in undertaking on January 11, the others play unfolded on January 12. The grand opera of epicycle is the match of Zhejiang wide mansion and Xinjiang team, coming is Confucianism Shuai Wangfei battle is old advocate, 2 coming is practice of bishop of group of nation of the successor before counterpoising with old Shuai Jiangxing wisdom bottle, at the same time wide mansion team also has particular actual strength, can make trouble to team of leading sheep Xinjiang. The 5 Shanghai team epicycle that are defeated repeatedly are met head-on complete China class 81 teams, can Shanghai team use foreign aids advantage to end to be defeated repeatedly?
Zhejiang wide mansion [8 get the better of 4 negative] Vs Xinjiang is wide collect [12 get the better of 0 negative]
Team of Zhejiang wide mansion from league matches of CBA of go on an expedition of 2006-2007 sports season, with engage in a battle of Xinjiang team history 14, combat gains of wide mansion group is 3 get the better of 11 negative, among them advocate 3 get the better of 4 negative.
On wide mansion team annulus team of Beijing of win by a narrow margin, obtained 3 Lian Sheng. The match of wide mansion team and Xinjiang team also is pinpoint to Mai Mang, line of inside and outside all has well_matched player, center of wide mansion team pulls Mo Si, in always can make trouble to Battle in the match with Xinjiang team before, nevertheless this sports season differred, helper is much beside Battle, estimation pulls irresistibility of Mo Si brave man 4 hands. Accuse to defend a respect, the elder brother of Xinjiang team on the west - prevent than going up annulus because of sick rest battle, epicycle whether entering the court still is unknown. If enter the court, will mix special thunder - triumphant benefit PK, if cannot give fight, zhang Qingpeng or Sun Wei rich will be mixed special thunder - triumphant benefit is contrapuntal, hand of Xinjiang line exterior line is more, still have defend active on the west heating power river. On Lin Zhijie of small forward of wide mansion team annulus chop below 24 minutes, 3 minutes of balls 9 cast 4 in, position is quite good, the Xu Guo Chong of Xinjiang team this sports season position is general, but archer of Xinjiang line exterior line is more, whole group field all 3 minutes of balls score [url=http://www.palmexpo.in/jordansforsale.aspx]cheap jordans for sale[/url] a hit rate be as high as 41.4% , first what be each team, field of wide mansion team all 3 minutes of balls score a hit leading is 29.5% , for allied lowest.
Field of wide mansion team all notchs 102.5 minutes, allied rank the 3rd, all lose cent 97.6 minutes, the platoon is in the 9th. Get field of bellwether Xinjiang team to all notch 102.4 minutes, the platoon is in the 4th, all lose cent 82.3, be raise one by one only in alliance all break cent to be in 90 minutes the following team. Actual strength of Xinjiang team whole is strong, play a ball game the person is much, attack is sharp, defend firm, wide mansion team wants to have very great difficulty unexpectedly.
Engage in a battle of the sports season on two teams records [wide mansion team 5 battle 1 get the better of 4 negative] :
Groovy contest: 104-94 of the 14th round of Xinjiang is wide mansion; Xinjiang of 100-86 of the 31st round of wide mansion
The contest after season: Xinjiang 96-79 wide mansion; Xinjiang 99-89 wide mansion; Xinjiang of wide mansion 89-98
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Editor: ? Yong ? Pay close attention to his small gain
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